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Early childhood education is important to us here at Liberty Christian Prep. We realize that God has entrusted us with a most precious commodity - your children. The Scripture declares in Psalm 127:3 that "children are an heritage of the Lord." What an awesome responsibility is ours! The opportunity to nurture and care for these little ones is immeasurable. Our loving Lord set the example as He took them into His arms and blessed them. We purpose to take each individual child into our hearts and pray for each one.

kiddiesWe realize that for many children, this is their first experience away from home. A classroom atmosphere that is organized, quiet and happy is paramount for a well-behaved group of children. Children need to be taught how to stand, sit and act from the very beginning. Teachers strive to enjoy their classes by establishing good habits and remaining consistent throughout the year. They are firm but fair, creating a secure and comfortable environment for reach child. The Abeka preschool curriculum provides a sound Biblically-based curriculum for the students where they learn about numbers, letters, sounds and the wonderful world God has created for us. Individual attendion is given as needed.

Scheduled, planned activities are important in the early childhood education program. Teachers follow schedules posted in each classroom for their specific age groups. Interesting, varied activities are planned throughout the day. Activities are changed periodically to meet the need of each child. Teachers are personally in volved in all of their students' activities.

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Quality Chrisitian curriculum for grades K3 - 12th; partnering with Florida Virtual School; College prep and honors courses as well as dual enrollment with Lake-Sumter State College; Safe environment dedicated to instilling Christian core values; Scholarships and after-school tutoring